Speaking is about transmitting emotions, Life stories and taking the audience on a journey of discovery, exchange and learning. 

My delight is to engage audiences on topics such as leadership, agility and resilience. My latest series ‘Leadership in Extremes’ bridges my learnings from wars to expeditions with the challenges of every day life.

Clients include The World Economic Forum, P&G, UBS, Microsoft, Intersport, pwc, Swiss Government, Austrian Railways, etc. 

"Chris is one of a kind. We had the chance to collaborate with him as an external speaker for prominent corporate consumer brands managers. His ability to draw from his incredible human experience around the world opens a window on valuable insights: an invite to better understand what it means to be human through struggle, survival, hope, and resilience. He is genuine, humble and full of empathy for others and has a sincere will to transfer experience and knowledge."

Tafsir Ba, Founder of Wild Dots (Idea and Events Agency) 


Christoph gave a powerful workshop to our leadership. Underlined with his wonderful photos and videos, his presentation was full of new insights on ‘leadership with purpose’. He spoke openly, honestly and with a great sense of humour about his experiences and leadership lessons in extreme situations.

He is an exceptional person who serves mankind with his unique and action oriented approach. The time with him made the participants reflect and touched all of us. 

Christina (from one of the largest corporations in Europe)

Christoph’s inspiring keynote at the ESSR (European Conference of Surgical Research) was very powerful. He did not only manage to translate his experiences into ‘lessons for a more successful life’ but also simply touched the participants with his love for humanity and his drive for adventure. He is an exceptional person and change maker."  

Konstantinos Vakalopoulos, president of the European Society for Surgical Research


“Christoph explained with passion, positive energy and hooking enthusiasm how he, through his own passion for sports, managed to help people in need….”

Dominik Allemann, Bernet PR, 26.10.12 @TEDx Zurich