Speaking is about transmitting emotions, stories of life and taking the audience on a journey of discovery, exchange and learning. 

Christoph has been speaking around the world on a variety of topics, ranging from leadership to conflicts and his various humanitarian expeditions. Clients include P&G, UBS, Microsoft, Intersport, pwc, etc. 

“Christoph explained with passion, positive energy and hooking enthusiasm how he, through his own passion for sports, managed to help people in need….”

Dominik Allemann, Bernet PR, 26.10.12 @TEDx Zurich


"Chris is one of a kind. We had the chance to collaborate with him as an external speaker for prominent corporate consumer brands managers. His ability to draw from his incredible human experience around the world opens a window on valuable insights: an invite to better understand what it means to be human through struggle, survival, hope, and resilience. He is genuine, humble and full of empathy for others and has a sincere will to transfer experience and knowledge."

Tafsir Ba, Founder of Wild Dots (Idea and Events Agency)